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About us

Let us introduce ourselves

Your Doctors is a new, collaborative General Practice servicing patients in the inner west.

When we say new, we simply mean that we offer a new, higher standard of GP services and patient care. In fact, the team at Your Doctors have been working together for years. In some cases, decades. So we're definitely not 'new' at what we do.

Our medical practitioners are highly experienced, industry leaders across a full range of healthcare services for all ages. If you're looking for a practice that caters for your entire family, or you simply need some advice on your health, get in contact with one of our practices today.

Your Doctors is a private billing practice committed to providing high-quality health care to all members of the community, valuing individual circumstances.

Our receptionists can provide estimates of what your appointment will cost you, however, the final amount charged by your doctor will be based on the consultation time and complexity of the issues presented. Please visit our Fees section for more information. 

Certain items and procedures carry additional costs or fees (eg pregnancy tests, some procedures including Implanon insertion/removal, IUDs, mental health management plans or general care plans). All stock items have a small private fee (the cost of the product, which is the amount the practice paid to stock this item). 

Why we're different

We are not a medical centre. They like to focus on patient turnover, which is sort of the opposite of how we do things.

We are not your regular private practice. Traditional practices can offer quality GPs, however they value individual doctors and generally operate in silos.

Your Doctors is a general practice that sees itself as pioneering a positive, inclusive and collaborative approach to patient healthcare. By 'collaborative' we mean the highest quality doctors, clinical staff, nurses and support staff in a team environment where our collective focus is always the patient, and our individuals are valued as equals.

We provide our patients with more than just their doctor of choice, but with the added benefits of collective opinion and experience. Our patients can also expect a consistent and seamless interaction with any one of our team members.

But don't take our word for it, feel free to get in contact.

Values to live by

Our Staff


Your Doctors is accredited by the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners to train doctors who have decided on a career in family medicine.  They come to this practice to learn about things that are unique to general practice, including the complexities of Medicare and the processes of running a small business. 

Registrars have very up to date knowledge, therefore you can be very confident if you are seeing the "new doctor".  You may prefer to see one of these doctors if you would like a new person to review your health.

Practice Manager

Should you need to advise us of any matter which you feel may require administrative attention: please ask our reception staff how best to contact our Practice manager.  

Practice Nurses

The nurses at Your Doctors are an integral part of our team, performing a caring and supportive role for our patients and doctors.  They assist with the full range of patient health care, including vaccinations, baby visits, health checks, diabetes care and dressings.

Reception Staff

We have experience staff that are skilled in dealing with people who may be tired or anxious if they or their family are unwell.  Many of our reception staff are mothers and understand the pressures of having a sick child.  We also have staff who speak a wide variety of languages, including:
  • Italian
  • Croatian
  • Portuguese.
If you have any problems with pathology bills, appointments or getting information, then our receptions are only too pleased to help.

Our Services

As well as routine consultations, our doctors have special interests in:

v  Shared antenatal care

v  Adolescent health care

v Paediatrics

v  Aged care

v  Travel vaccines (including Yellow Fever)

v  Immunisations for children

v  Skin checks & minor surgery:  Suturing of cuts; Removal of moles, skin cancers, etc.

v  Cryotherapy

v  Diabetic medicine

v  Women's health (including Implanon and IUD insertion/removal)

v  Men's Health

v  Trans and gender diverse healthcare

v  Veteran's health