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Which Vaccine should I get?

See the article Dr Sam Hay reveals the real reason people can't get the COVID vaccine.

AstraZeneca Vaccine

The AstraZeneca vaccine is available from Your Doctors, with the following restrictions:
  1. Due to the very high demand: we are only at present able to offer appointments to current patients of the practice and their immediate family members (see below).
  2. You must be 18 years of age or over (updated 26/07/2021)
  3. You must wait a minimum of 7 days between having this vaccine and any other vaccine (e.g. flu).
Please call one of our sites to book in for your appointment if you are eligible.  We are continuing to provide this service during the lockdown period, however only at specific time slots during each week.

Immediate Family members

Immediate family members (who have never visited our practice before) of existing patients can book vaccinations, however they must must:
  • Print out the Consent Form (linked below), complete the questions and sign it.
  • Obtain an up-to-date Health Summary from your current doctor.
  • Send these two documents to the practice prior to your visit.

How many doses and how far apart?

Updated 26/07/2021: Your Doctors recommends a 6-8 week gap between doses.  A consultation with a doctor is required if you wish to bring your second dose forward less than 6 weeks.

From a regulatory perspective, the TGA has reviewed all the available evidence and determined that the AstraZeneca vaccines can be safely administered 4-12 weeks apart.  Available evidence shows that long term protection is maximised the further apart the doses are spaced.  People in high risk situations may consider bringing their second dose forward - which may give earlier peak protection.  People who have had the first dose of the COVID-19 AstraZeneca vaccine without any serious adverse effects should have the second dose. This includes under 60 years.

Vaccination documents and additional information

Pfizer Vaccine

Updated 07/07/2021: Your Doctors has no visibility into when the government will offer Pfizer vaccines to specific General Practices such as Your Doctors.  At this stage we are not providing this vaccine and you should make arrangements to seek it elsewhere if that is your desire. 

When this changes in the future we will broadcast a plan via our website and social media platforms.

Do you have flu symptoms?

NSW Health recommends that anyone with symptoms gets tested at a COVID-19 clinic.

Symptoms include fever, cough, sore/scratchy throat, shortness of breath, loss of taste or smell, or unexplained fever. You should self-isolate until you receive your test results.

General COVID-19 Information

With the exception of workers in high-risk clinical settings, there is no requirement for testing asymptomatic people before returning to work.