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Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I become a New Patient?

We welcome new patients to our practice. New patients are encouraged to phone our practice when making their initial appointment so that our reception staff can create a patient file and gather all the necessary contact information.

New Patients are booked for a 30-minute consultation and the initial consult is often charged a long consultation fee. In this appointment, our doctors will gather and record your medical history including all known allergies and adverse medication reactions, family and social history. Medicare claims can be sent electronically for you so that your rebate goes into the bank account that you have registered with Medicare.

We also ask new patients to arrive at our practice 10 minutes before their booked appointment time so that they can complete new patient forms.  Alternatively, you may download the appropriate form, complete it and bring it with you to your first consultation:
Please speak to your doctor during this appointment if you would like to have your medical record from your previous practice transferred to us. Your previous practice may charge a fee for this service and you will need to speak to them to find out about this.

Do I need to book an appointment?

Consultations are usually by appointment.  Emergencies (including "walk-in" patients) will be seen as quickly as possible according to our normal triage process - please notify our reception staff if you have an urgent medical issue.

Will my appointment involve a cost?

Your Doctors is a private billing practice committed to providing high-quality health care to all members of the community, valuing individual circumstances.

Our receptionists can provide estimates of what your appointment will cost you, however, the final amount charged by your doctor will be based on the consultation time and complexity of the issues presented.

Standard private consultations start at $89.00 for a Level B (~15minute consultation; medicare rebate $39.10).

Certain items such as pregnancy tests, some vaccinations (eg travel vaccines) and GP Management plans incur additional costs.

Is bulk billing available?

We are a private billing practice, so each consultation usually incurs a private fee.  Most common consultations are partly covered by Medicare rebates, however by default we do not bulk-bill.

Your doctor, however, may bulk-bill at his or her discretion if you are a pensioner or concession cardholder and if you visit between Monday to Friday (bulk-billing is not generally available on Saturdays).  A valid pension or concession card needs to be sighted at the time of visit.

Immunisations (including childhood) generally attract a consultation fee. We carry a stock of travel vaccines at each of our sites for purchase.

How do payments and rebates work?

At the end of your consultation, your doctor will determine the amount to bill you, based on the consultation time and complexity of issues presented.  You pay this amount at the reception desk before you leave.

Most common consultation fees are partly covered by Medicare rebates.  We can lodge your Medicare claims electronically as soon as you pay.  Most patients receive their Medicare rebates into their bank accounts within a couple of business days of the appointment.

If Medicare does not have your bank account details then you may have to call them.

What happens if I miss an appointment?

A cancellation fee may be applied by your doctor if you do not attend a scheduled appointment.  Typically a $25 fee is charged for missed short appointments and $50 for missed long appointments, however, this is at the discretion of your doctor.

We encourage patients to give adequate notice if they are unable to attend a booked appointment as this time may then be offered to someone else who needs to see a doctor.

How do I collect my test results?

For privacy and medico-legal reasons: all patients are requested to return in person to collect results of any tests or scans (including x-rays) via a follow-up appointment unless prior arrangement is made with their doctor. If results require urgent attention then we will contact you via phone and request you come in as soon as possible.

Can I request a repeat prescription or referral, without a consultation?

In some cases, our doctors may provide you with a repeat prescription or referral without a consult. There are conditions that have to be met in order for our doctors to provide these without consultation, for your safety, and to uphold our high level of patient care.

Repeat scripts and referrals without a consultation attract a small non-rebatable fee. Please phone our practice for more information. Repeat requests can also be organised through our secure, encrypted online consultation service OzDocs Online.

Can I request a long consultation?

Our practice offers all of our patient's long consultations upon request.

Can I request a home visit/ what is your after-hours care?

We make provisions for home visits and after-hours care for registered patients of our practice. 

During normal business hours (8am to 6pm)
Speak directly with your doctor and organise a time of mutual convenience.  You can contact your doctor by ringing one of our main phone numbers and asking our receptionists for assistance.

Outside normal business hours and for weekends
Your Doctors subscribes to the Sydney Medical Service Cooperative Limited, phone number 8724 6300.  This service operates for registered patients of our practice:
  • Weeknights from 6pm to 8am the following the morning.
  • Weekends from 12 noon Saturday to 8am Monday morning.
  • Public holidays (all hours).
This service is staffed by qualified general practitioners who are registered in NSW and who provide our practice with detailed reports of any visits they attend.

Patients who are registered with Medicare or Veterans Affairs are bulk-billed.  Patients who are not registered with either are charged a fee directly by the service.  Payment is made at the time of visit, costs are advised when making the request.

What reminders will I receive?

As a patient you can receive:
  • Practice-level reminders: eg SMS reminders for certain non-standard appointment types.
  • State-level reminders: eg NSW Pap-Test Register.
  • National-level reminders: eg Australian Immunisation Register.
We do not send reminders for standard 15-minute appointments.

If you do not wish to participate in any or all of these reminder systems then just let your doctor know.

How is my private information treated?

Your Doctors assures you that your private medical details will be dealt with in a confidential manner.  See our full privacy policy.

Can I receive or send information via email?

We do not encourage the use of email for sending medical or patient information.  If you need to send or receive such information then please phone us to organise an alternative method.  Email is not encrypted and the possibility of interception by third parties must be considered. 

We cannot guarantee the confidentiality of any information transferred via email. 

This practice does not, by default, send patients reports or similar information via email.  Only in situations where a doctor determines that it is clinically safe and that a face-to-face consultation is unnecessary can this occur.

If a patient desires to provide consent for information to be emailed to them from the practice, they must:
  1. Write and send a formal request via email to the practice, AND
  2. Obtain the approval of their doctor (in-person or over the phone).
The practice will then take further steps to ensure the request is being initiated by the correct person.  Requests of this nature are normally acknowledged within two (2) business days.

Can I phone my doctor?

All doctors will be able to take your phone calls when appropriate.  If they cannot speak to you immediately then you can request that a message be left so that your doctor can return your call.

You can contact your doctor by ringing one of our main phone numbers and asking our receptionists for assistance.

How do I provide feedback?

Suggestions/complaints can be discussed with either your doctor or the Practice Manager.  If you are not satisfied or your complaint cannot be resolved within the practice, you may wish to contact the Health Care Complaints Commission (HCCC).  Contact details for the HCCC are as follows:  Locked Mail Bag 18, Strawberry Hills  NSW  2012  
T:  02 9219 7444 or 1800 043 159.

Do you have pregnancy information packs?

Yes, please see our parenting page.