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Will my appointment involve a cost?

Your Doctors is a private billing practice committed to providing high-quality health care to all members of the community, valuing individual circumstances.

Standard Consultation = $93.00
Long Consultation = $152.00
Very Long Consultation = $202.00
From the 1st of July 2022, we will no longer be "bulk billing" pension, concession, and health care card holders as a default billing position.

Please contact one of our clinics if you have any questions.  Our receptionists can provide you with an estimate of what your appointment fee will be, however, the final amount charged by your doctor will be based on the consultation time and the complexity of the issues presented.

Certain items and procedures carry additional costs or fees (eg pregnancy tests, some procedures including Implanon insertion/removal, IUDs, mental health or general care plans). All stock items have a small private fee (the cost of the product, which is the amount the practice paid to stock this item). Some doctors offer additional services within our practice, such as plant medicine prescribing, injections or skin excisions. These services involve separate fees, which can be advised of by these particular doctors or an estimate can be provided by calling one of our receptionists. Please note that by engaging in these services, you are aware that the practitioner you have chosen may be the sole provider at this practice that offers that service. During times in which they are away, you may need to request for a health summary to see an alternate provider at a different practice.

For some consultations, some doctors may offer a discounted fee, which is at their discretion.  (Discounted fee: Your doctor has elected to forgo some or all of the out-of-pocket fee as payment for their services.  This out-of-pocket fee is commonly known as the "gap".)

Immunisations (including childhood) generally attract a consultation fee.  We carry a stock of travel vaccines at each of our sites for purchase.

Our Doctors may refer patients to services outside the practice, such as pathology, imaging, specialist and/or allied health. These services usually involve out-of-pocket expenses and we encourage patients to enquire about charges and payment requirements for these services prior to, or when, they make their appointment(s) with the other service provider(s). 

Our practice uses HotDoc to provide repeat prescription and referral requests. These services do not attract a Medicare rebate. 

When should I book a longer appointment?

You should book a longer appointment if you have more than one issue or management problem that needs attention.  Our reception staff can assist as required.

Is "bulk billing" available?

Unfortunately, over the last decade or so, the Medicare rebate has not kept pace with inflation and rising expenses in general practice.  This means we are no longer able to accept the Medicare rebate as the sole means of reimbursement for our services.

All new patients, telehealth consultations, and Saturday consultations will be privately billed (with a Medicare rebate), including pension and healthcare card holders.

From the 1st of July 2022: pre-existing patients of the practice who have previously been bulk billed will also be transitioned to private billing (with a Medicare rebate), unless otherwise agreed upon with their regular doctor.

Certain nurse only consultations will be bulk billed.

(Bulk billing:  This method of payment involves the doctor just accepting the Medicare rebate for their services.) 

How do payments and rebates work?

At the end of your consultation, your doctor will determine the amount to bill you, based on the consultation time and complexity of issues presented.  You pay this amount at the reception desk before you leave.

Most common consultations attract a Medicare rebate.  We can lodge your Medicare claim electronically as soon as you pay.  Most patients receive their Medicare rebates into their bank accounts within a couple of business days of the appointment.

If Medicare does not have your bank details then you may need to call them on: 132 011 or visit their website for more information. 

What happens if I miss an appointment?

A cancellation fee will be applied by your doctor if you do not attend a scheduled appointment and provide adequate notice (at least 3 hours).  Typically a $25 fee is charged for missed standard appointments and $50 for missed long appointments.

We encourage patients to give adequate notice if they are unable to attend a booked appointment as this time may then be offered to someone else who needs to see a doctor.